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Smartnet is a leading provider of large-scale IP Video Surveillance solutions. Smartnet reviews each customer's use-case to develop a unique surveillance application for that premise, campus, or city area. After install we maintain these systems and monitor for uptime, blockage in visibility alerts, and assist with digital footage retrieval. Video surveillance is a valuable tool to improve security, safety, and data collection that's always on 24x7. Other benefits include:

Reduce the Risk
of Theft
Collect Statistics
from Analytics
License Plate
Augment Security
Central Remote
Data for

Our certified personnel integrate the IP Video Surveillance solution with your existing network or we can build a network dedicated to video surveillance. Specializing in fiber optics and wireless networking we can build video networks at any scale. Our solutions can be customized to record video in the cloud, on premise, or both. With our analytics platform clients are able to search video based on vehicle type, color, direction, person with a backpack, male, female and other criteria dramatically reducing review time of bulk video from days to minutes. 


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